Accelerated Growth and Liquidity for Life Science Companies

Family investment offices:  NorthStar advise leading family investment offices headquartered in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Gulf region.  NorthStar typically assist family investment offices in five capacities:

  • NorthStar's family investment office clients seek well-conceived investment opportunities in the life sciences, in sectors including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, mobile health, healthcare services and information technology companies.  They typically have experienced teams of investment professionals managing family office assets and asset allocations.  NorthStar benefits from high-quality (and frequently proprietary) deal flow, reviewing 20 to 40 opportunities a month.  This represents a valuable resource for family offices and their investment professionals
  • A sub-set of the family investment offices which we advise also own and operate leading life science companies engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing, sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical products and services; they actively seek compelling product distribution and joint-venture opportunities with companies developing innovative pharmaceuticals, medical products and healthcare services
  • Many of the family investment offices advised by NorthStar own and operate large hospital networks, physician office groups or diagnostic testing service companies; they seek well-conceived joint-venture opportunities
  • While some of the family offices advised by NorthStar have a global commercial presence, most are leaders on a regional basis, and typically within a single geographic market (such as the United States, or the UK, India, or the Gulf region).  This creates the opportunity for life science sector product and service innovators to establish mutually beneficial regional distribution and joint-venture partnerships with leading regional family offices.
    • The benefit to the innovator company is accelerated regional market access at very low cost, resulting in accelerated growth in revenues.  The benefit to our family office clients is the addition of medically and technologically innovative, high-margin products and services to their existing commercial infrastructure and capabilities
  • NorthStar also serve as advisors to leading family offices and foundations from around the world that share a passion for sustainable philanthropy, grant-giving and pro-social impact investing within health and the life sciences.